Question: Is this pesticide safe?

Answer: The pesticide we use is formulated for commercial strength but gentle for residential use. This product is used in food establishments, hospitals and childcare centers. We only used approved insecticide for your home or business. While all chemicals present some form of danger we ensure we are following regulatory application requirements to significantly reduce any impact to our clients and communities. 

Question: What happens if the pest return?

Answer: Please contact us immediately. 

 Question: What if I cannot reach my TM (Territory Manager)?

Answer:  E-mail is the primary method to reach your TM. Your TM will contact you to address any of your concerns. Due to the outbreak our response time may be delayed. 

Question: I have pets are they able to stay home during service?

Answer: Most pets are able to stay home during various services. However it is best that your pets a placed in a designated location until our Territory Mangers have completed your service or until surfaces are completely dry.